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New Orleans Ghosts and Hauntings


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Bourbon Orleans

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

717 Orleans St.

New Orleans, LA 70116

T: (504) 523-2222 | Reservations: (866) 513-9744 Bourbon Orleans - Haunted Hotel

The ballroom has a ghostly dancer from the mid 1800s when the building was used as a ballroom and theatre. . . and where wealthy gentlemen could meet perspective young mistresses. One of these mistresses is said to return to the ballroom and dances beneath the chandeliers. During the filming, the EMF in Patrick’s hand kept spiking and a shadow would appear in front of him. You can see his shadow behind and also one in front in this pic. And no, there was not a flash on the camera to make a second shadow.

Standing beneath the crystal chandelier taking pictures with full spectrum camera where masquerade balls, carnival balls and the famous Quadroon balls were held.

Image from 1910-1920 from www.old-new-orleans.com/
The Bourbon Orleans


The Bourbon Orleans Hotel is a beautiful luxury hotel . . .and of course, it's haunted. There are more than three ghosts that haunt the building -  A Civil War Soldier on the sixth floor, a nun in room 644, a little girl who chases a ball down the sixth floor hallway and a woman who once visited the ballroom.

The Orleans Ballroom was built in 1817 and acted as a theatre an ballroom and later, a state and house legislative meeting place.  In 1881, the Orleans Theater and Ballroom had been acquired by the Sisters of the Holy Family for use as an orphanage, medical ward, school and convent. For 83 years the Sisters remained there until they needed to expand. During this time the convent was here, Yellow Fever epidemics in the city were rampant. Ghost children have been heard in the hallways, lightly stepping about. A little girl with her ball is seen once in a while.

Above: The sixth Floor hallway where a little girl has been heard  running and a Civil War soldier saunters along the carpeted floors. This hallway in the Bourbon Orleans Hotel is haunted by a civil war soldier who roams the carpeted sixth floor. The building has gone through many hands over the years. From an convent/school/orphanage and a civil war hospital to a ballroom/theatre and now a luxury hotel. Those who have stayed there left their mark.

Below, I'm standing at a window on the Sixth Floor (middle window) where the ghost of a nun is said to be seen in room 644. Legend states she committed suicide, falling from the window. 

This really is a great place to stay that welcomes ghost hunters and is quite accommodating. We visited and checked out five hotels that were haunted in the area and this one topped them all.