Clermont County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings -

Utopia, Batavia, Lucy Run, Old Bethel Cemetery, Morgan's Raid

Clermont County Ohio Ghosts

Clermont County Ohio


3833 Main Street (US 52)
Georgetown, Ohio 45121
Church: 38.776009,-84.056359
Marker: 38.77621,-84.056518

During the construction of a building , 32 people in the spiritualist society of John Wattles gathered for a party within on the rainy eve of December 13, 1847. As a dance pursued, the Ohio River flooded its banks, surrounding the building and causing the walls to collapse. Seventeen of the followers of Wattle were drowned or were swept into the frigid flood waters and succumbed to hyperthermia. Their ghosts are said to rise in smoky spirals  near the place of their death. Some see them as wavering mists, while others have seen dancing lights and full-bodied apparitions dripping along the banks




Lucy Run Cemetery Road
and Lucy Run Cemetery
3755 Lucy Run Cemetery Road
Batavia, Ohio 45103
39.04280, -84.19250

Lucy Run Cemetery Road has a ghost that is seen wearing a white gown and running from the small stream of Lucy Run to the gates of the old cemetery across the road where a farm once stood.


Lucy Run


Dead Man’s Curve
State Route 222/Bantam Road Intersection
Bethel, Ohio 45106
The ghostly form of a man killed during a wreck along the Dead Man's Curve has been seen along the curve and walking along the roadway.


Dead Man's Curve


Old Bethel Cemetery
3297 Elklick Road
Bethel, Ohio 45106

The spirit of an old woman appears from a foggy mist near the chain link gate and forms right before the eyes. She is said to protect the cemetery, chasing out trespassers who don’t respect the rules.


Old Bethel Ohio Cemetery


Miamiville - Little Miami Scenic Trail
Ohio Bicycle Route 3
(near 171 Beech Road)
Loveland, Ohio 45140

The curve:

Cornelius Conway, a fireman killed on a train that was derailed by John Hunt Morgan's Raiders in July of 1863, has been seen working his way like a foggy mist with a lantern waving back and forth along the place called "The Dangerous Curve."   


Morgan's Raid Tracks


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