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Scioto County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings


Scioto County Map


Shawnee State Forest- Dead Man Hollow Click here for more!

(AKA Tinker's Hollow)
West Portsmouth, OH 45663

The body of a dead peddler/tinker is said to haunt this dark hollow in Scioto County. His bones were found and were buried, but no one knows how he died or by whose hand. Or so they say. . .


Dead Man Hollow - Scioto County



Blake Hollow Tunnel
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

There have been reports of everything from
a lady in white on the road that runs through the tunnel to the ghostly remains of a worker who was killed during the digging of the tunnel. The spirit is said to be a dark figure creeping in and around the tunnel and even above at the railroad tracks.  


Blake Hollow Tunnel


Shawnee State University
Portsmouth, OH 45662

Shawnee State University is reported to be a hot place for ghosts, especially the Verne Riffe Center for the Arts, the library and Massie Hall. Ghostly shadows run down the hallways. Children’s soft whispers and voices echo through the rooms. Music plays off in the distance and books fall off shelves and dark shadows have been seen.


Verne Riffe Center - Shawnee State University


White Lady Point
Portsmouth, OH 45663

For over a hundred years, reports have been made of boaters seeing a lady dressed in white with arms held wide atop the high hills outside Portsmouth.  She was murdered, but her killers never found.


White Lady Point - Portsmouth, OHio


Portsmouth Brewing Company
Portsmouth, Ohio

A ghostly figure in a late-1800s fedora has been seen as a misty figure walking along the old bricks of the alleyway between the brewery and the restaurant.


Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth Ohio