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Washington County Buckeye Belle Explosion

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Mound Cemetery
Tupper Street
Marietta, OH 45750
Visitors to this old graveyard have witnessed strange lights moving at the top of the mound. Some speculate they are the remnants of the soldiers buried here. But others say they are spirits guarding the special people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.


Mount Cemetery Washington County, ohio


Anchorage House
(Putnam Villa)
498 George Street
Marietta, OH 45750
39.413551, -81.463473

Anchorage House was built by Douglas Putnam for his bride, Eliza, who died three years after it was built in 1862. She has been seen staring out the windows.


Achorage House, Washington County, ohio


Lafayette Hotel
101 Front St,
Marietta, OH 45750

Durwood Hoag was only eighteen when he first started working at the hotel his father managed in 1918. As time passed, the two were able to buy enough stock to purchase and incorporate the property. After his father’s death, Durwood continued to operate the hotel until 1973.  His ghost, now, has been seen on the third floor. Chairs and other furniture have been moved.


Lafayette Hotel Washington County, ohio


Marietta Castle
418 Fourth Street
Marietta, OH 45750

It is said the ghost of one of its past owners, Jessie Davis Lindsay, still walks the floors of the building.  P e o p l e  who have been in the home have seen a woman in period clothing walking around the building. They have also seen her peering through the windows.


Marietta Castle - Washington County, ohio


The Buckeye Belle Explosion
Beverly Lock

Ohio Street
Beverly, OH 45715

On November 12, 1852, the  Buckeye Belle exploded at Beverly Lock.  It was on a usual mail route along the northwestern turnpike to Zanesville when a boiler exploded at the gates of Lock 4. Twenty-four people were killed and eyewitnesses stated there were mutilated bodies up and down the river. Some bodies were never recovered.  The ghosts of those who died still lament their death.  It is said on foggy, rainy November evenings if you listen hard along the river at the lock, you can hear the sounds of the men who were working on the riverboat that fateful autumn day back in 1852. There have been stories of ghostly riverboat whistles and voices heard, but the
source of the sounds never found. It doesn't have to be evening or foggy to get a strange feeling there.


Buckeye Belle Disaster, Washington County, ohio


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