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Muskingum County, Ohio

Ghost stories and legends from around Ohio. Find your scary place.


Ghost Stories and Local Legends:

Grave Robbers: Moxahala Cemetery

Moxahala Cemetery Zanesville, OH 43701

Haunted by a young woman whose body was stolen by grave robbing medical students who were under the tutelage of a local physician, Calvin Conant. Her body was found in a nearby barn, her feet sticking out of the hay. No one was ever convicted of the crime, although some believed the local doctor was involved. Her body was never recovered. Her spirit remains and has been seen hovering over the doctor's grave.

Prospect Place

Prospect Place Trinway, OH 43842

In this house, that can be rented for ghost hunting, people have seen full body apparitions, heard footsteps and more. At least three ghosts are said to haunt the home that has tours and can be affordably rented for ghost hunts.

Stumpy's Hollow

Stumpy's Hollow Norwich,OH 43767

The little ravine behind the church is home to Ohio's Headless Horseman - Nicknamed Stumpy, a headless man appeared in the ravine at night to frighten those walking the roadway in the 19th century. Some said it was the ghost of Christopher Baldwin a librarian who was killed in a stage coach accident (Ohio's first road fatality) not far away in town.