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Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Ghost Pictures

Real Ghost pictures. . .  or not? You decide.

For some time, folks have been sending us images taken in the region where something strange has caught their eye. We've decided to post a handful so everyone has a chance to decide whether each is a ghostly presence or perhaps just a trick of the mind. Have fun! If you want to send us your photographs, please be assured we will not scrutinize them online and instead, we want viewers to decide on their own if the picture looks "real" or not.  (you will notice that we only scrutinize our own once in a while!)



Civil War Battlefield Ghosts



Port Hudson is a Civil War Battlefield in Louisiana, not far from Baton Rouge. There were 30,0000 Union troops and 6,800 Confederate troops who fought in this battle noted as one of the bloodiest seiges of the Civil War. During the seige, nearly 11000 men were killed or died from disease. This strange image showed up while taking pictures on a trail that leads to Fort Desperate, one of the historic areas of the battle.



Scotts Creek, Logan Ohio Scotts Creek, Logan Ohio



Scotts Creek is just outside Logan, Ohio. In 1887, a wagon carrying newlyweds 19 year-old Clara and 29 year-old Johannes Bensenhafer began to cross Scotts Creek, only to have their
wagon slip into what is known as the "Death Hole", a 15 foot pool with undertow. Tragically, they both drowned. People have seen their ghosts at the pool. You can click them for a larger view:


Ghostly Mist at Louisa Fox Murder Marker


While at the site of the 1869 murder of Louisa Fox, a ghostly mist made its way along the edge of the lot. We caught it on digital camera.


Cabin Ghost


Daniella DeLuise sent this one in. She says: We had an all girls weekend at [a local Hocking Hills Cabin] over the weekend... This pic was taken on Friday the 8th ... The reflection in the glass looks to be a church or something and a man is reflected in the left glass on the door... Zoom in ... It's creepy... We were a party of all women ... That man is a ghost!!!!!!



This image by Stephanie Weber was taken at the Harvey Wells House in Wellston, Ohio, long engrained into the community as a home haunted by the founder of the city. You can see the strange anomaly showing up next to the kids.


Athens Asylum


Athens Asylum, even on a cool autumn day, can have a scary effect on your mind. I see two faces peering out the window - one ogre-like face to the left with a fish-like palm on the bottom pane. And the one on the right (you can barely see a dark face above)reaching through the glass even appears to want to bring visitors inside!


Sydney and Ghost


This image below was taken at Mansfield Reformatory (Ohio State Reformatory) in the warden's home/administrative area near the Chapel. The tour  guide was telling us how the designer of the prison had specifically developed the windows so the sun and moon would come through the windows in four rooms to shine on the floor in an X in this hallway. Of course, there are ghost hunters out there that try to make it appear as if it is paranormal activity and it is simply the light from the windows.

However, when we took this picture to show the unique design, we got an image in the background of what appears to be either a guard or houseboy (some of the good behavior prisoners were used to clean and help out in the administrative offices and the living quarters of the warden). We saw nothing when the image was taken and the area was clear of people while I took it. Besides, the sunlight lines would have been broken because a body would block the light.  I took almost 500 images in the prison and this is the only one that showed something paranormal. We did get some really good EVPS.


Bloody Mary


This one was taken at Bloody Mary's Grave at Mt. Olive Cemetery. Urban legend says Mary was a witch who was buried in an unmarked grave beneath the big tree at the cemetery. I'm not sure if it is true or not, but I did get this odd ball show up on the image just to the left of the tree. Perhaps this is Mary's grave. On one image, it is small. On the image you see here right after, it is huge! Any ideas?


Wright Pat


This one was taken at Wright Pat - The National Museum of the US Air Force is open almost every day and it is haunted by military personnel that used the planes and equipment. You can grab your camera and take a shot or two while taking a self-guided tour. And maybe get a ghost or two. We got one. Take a look at the see-through man on the left, compared to the family on the right. One of our visitors even pointed out he is holding a bayonet and is wearing a full uniform! Cool stuff. National Museum of the US Air Force --1100 Spaatz Street --Wright-Patterson AFB OH Dayton, OH 45433



Tammy Smith sent this haunting image in from the Johnson Covered Bridge near Revenge, Ohio. For those of you not familiar with the story, the bridge is haunted by a woman who was jilted by her husband and hung herself there. Another story we have heard is of a woman who had dismounted from her carriage during a storm to walk her scared horses across the bridge that was nearly under water. The horses panicked and dragged her to her death. Regardless, the ghost has been seen at the bridge for nearly a century. . .


Lake Alma State Park

Lake Alma State Park - On the island where the amusement park once stood.


Moonville Tunnel - Courtesy Michelle Schrader


Woman at Old Boy's School - Outside Lancaster

Wood County Infirmary/Poor House Bowling Green Ohio


Old Deaf School - Columbus, Ohio

Masonic Cemetery, New Orleans