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Ghost Pictures

Ghost stories and legends from around Ohio. Find your scary place.


Some ghost images:

Most are mine. It's not difficult when you take as many pictures for books as I do to occasionally pick up a ghost or two. I suppose it's as close to substantiating a specific ghost story as you can get. But it only happens one in a few hundred or thousand. I honestly believe you just have to be in the right place at the right time and maybe have a bit of a connection with that dead person...like having a bad week like they did or just enjoying being at that particular place like they did. Or just having a bad break-up or a million other feelings that connect folks emotionally. If you're looking to get that perfect ghost pic or just any ghost picture at all, my advice is to take a lot and everywhere. Eventually, you're going to match moods with someone dead. Hopefully, it's a nice spirit!


Mansfield Reformatory -Ghost Guard

Lake Alma-Old Lady at Defunct Amusement Park

Mourning girl kneeling at mausoleum in New Orleans

Little Boy Blue at Gettysburg Farnsworth House

Wright Patterson Air Force Base ghostly soldier

My mom and a ghost at Wood County Poorhouse Cemetery

Hand reaching out and faces at Athens Asylum

This man plays peek-a-boo with the picture-taker's kids.

Tammy Smith sent this image in from the Johnson Covered Bridge.

Scott's Creek Death Hole ghosts of couple killed there with horse.