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Jackson County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings

Jackson ohio map


Old Baptist Cemetery
Jackson, OH 45640

A woman in a long white robe has been seen walking near Salem Cemetery Road toward the town of Roads.  But it seems her clothing is not the only thing pale against a moonlit night. The face of the woman is ashen and so are her hands and bare feet. Salem Cemetery Road is a  rutted road with a thick covering of coal pebbles on top. Where it meets with Route 124, the cars driving along the path have dragged the dark-colored silt far out into the street. It would seem this dingy roadway would completely stain the hem of her pale dress. But strangely, the dress is not discolored. Evidently, the clothing donned by ghosts cannot be tainted by modern coal-covered roads.


Old Baptist Cemetery Road


Salem Church Cemetery
Wellston, OH 45692

A ghostly soldier guards the cemetery and if you knock three times on the church door, you just might hear something in return. We actually did!


Salem Church Ghost - Wellston


Harvey Wells House
Wellston, OH 45692

The house is said to be haunted by Harvey Wells himself. People in the town have seen his shadow at the windows on the upper floor where he jumped to his death.  One account even states when the home had been turned into a nursing home, staff and workers could hear ghostly footsteps in the dead of night.


Harvey Wells House - Wellston, OHio


Lake Alma State Park
Wellston, OH 45634

Ghostly apparitions still enjoy the old amusement park that once stood on the island in the middle of the park lake.


Lake Alma


Ridgewood Cemetery

Ghostly shadows have been seen wandering the cemetery around dusk. There seems to be no specific grave attached to the spirits flitting about.




Berlin Crossroads

The ghost of Robert Warwick haunted his old, cursed mansion. When it burned to the ground during a huge storm in September of 1894, , it was said you could hear his ghost cursing and wailing through the flames.


Berlin Crossroads, Jackson County Ohio