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Jackson County, Ohio

Ghost stories and legends from around Ohio. Find your scary place.


Ghost Stories and Local Legends:

Knock-Knock Ghost

Salem Church Cemetery Wellston, OH 45692

A ghostly soldier guards the cemetery, and if you knock three times on the church door, you just might hear something in return--the Knock-Knock Ghost. We actually did!

Lake Alma State Park

Lake Alma State Park Wellston, OH 45634

Ghostly apparitions still enjoy the old amusement park that once stood on the island in the middle of the park lake.

Ol' Warwick

Berlin Crossroads

The ghost of Ol' Robert Warwick haunted his old, cursed mansion. When it burned to the ground during a huge storm in September of 1894, , it was said you could hear his ghost cursing and wailing through the flames.