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Fairfield County, Ohio

Ghost stories and legends from around Ohio. Find your scary place.


Ghost Stories and Local Legends:

Still-House Hollow

Still-House Hollow and Foglesong Road Lancaster, OH

In the 1800s, after the disappearance of a man, riders along old Foglesong Road outside Lancaster were followed by a half-man, half-calf creature.

Blue Flame Ghost

Blue Flame Ghost of Sugar Grove Sugar Grove, OH 43155

If you stand near where the old Mae Hummel Covered Bridge once stood and call “Mary, Mary, Mary,” the ghost of a young woman who killed her sweetheart will come to you in a misty ball of flames.

The Witch Rock

The Witch Rock Rockbridge, OH 43149

Just beneath a huge rock formation along the drive to Clear Creek MetroPark, you may see a row of sticks. It is said the sticks are placed there by area witches. If they are lying straight up against the rock, it is safe to pass along the roadway. If the pattern varies, or they are slightly turned to the left or right, you may want to rethink the route you are taking. It isn’t safe to go any further. And certainly don’t move them. If you do that, bad luck will soon follow.