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Fairfield County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings


Fairfield County Map


Mickey’s Bar and Grill
Lancaster OH 43130

The property has been used for just about everything from an oil company to a market. Now it is a tavern and the ghostly apparition of a woman has been seen by staff there. Voices are heard and strange noises have sent some workers nearly running out the door. There is also rumor that a young man was accidently killed there in the early 1900s.


Mickey's Bar and Grill Ghosts


Still-House Hollow and Foglesong Road
Lancaster, OH

In the 1800s, riders along old Foglesong Road outside Lancaster were followed by a half-man, half-calf creature.


Still House Hollow along Foglesong Road


Elmwood Cemetery
Lancaster, OH 43130

A hooded figure, a ghostly little girl and a witch have all been named as spirits seen within this beautiful old cemetery.


Elmwood Cemetery - Lancaster, Ohio


Tammi Jo's Café and Catering (Now Kool Beans)

and Paperback Exchange

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

It seems the ghosts of these  old buildings side by side like to make their appearance known. Bumps, bangs, voices, whistles and missing items have left owners scratching their heads.


Paperback Exchange


St Mary's Catholic Cemetery

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

A robed figure is said to protect the cemetery, walking among the graves.


St mary's Cemetery, Lancaster Ohio


Bright Cemetery

Liberty, OH 43105

A hooded figure has been seen wandering along the roadway and to this cemetery where it vanishes at the gates.


Bright Cemetery - near Lancaster Ohio


Blue Flame Ghost of Sugar Grove
Sugar Grove, OH 43155

An old legend tells that If you stand near where the old Mae Hummel Covered Bridge once stood and call “Mary, Mary, Mary,” the ghost of a young woman who killed her sweetheart will come to you in a misty ball of flames.


Blue Flame Ghost Lancaster, Ohio


Spooks Hollow
Lancaster, OH
Private Property and along the hillside near Lancaster Mall.
The area Spook’s Hollow and the name has not changed for over a 130 years. In the early 1820s, a band of horse thieves was jumped inside an old cabin by townspeople seeking revenge. Heavily bound and tied, the leader jumped out a window during the capture and disappeared. Some say he was never able to escape his bindings and died somewhere in the woods. His ghost is said to be seen on a horse searching for the treasure he left behind.


Spooks Hollow - Old Samuel Bush Grounds


Stonewall Cemetery
Lancaster, OH 43130

A local legends states that if you sit on the wall and strike  three matches, you will be knocked from the wall. Again, we give you the legend. However, we don't suggest you climb the wall.


Stonewall Cemetery Lancaster, Ohio


Weeping Lady of Johnstons Covered Bridge
Lancaster, OH 43130

The lady of Johnstons Bridge (built in 1887) has been spotted pacing back and forth along the bridge or peering out of one end looking back and forth as if she is waiting for someone to meet her. She has also been seen with her hand waving eerily in the air, gently beckoning those outside to come in.


Johnston Covered Bridge - near Lancaster, Ohio


The Witch Rock
Rockbridge, OH 43149

Just beneath a huge rock formation along the drive to Clear Creek MetroPark, you may see a row of sticks. It is said the sticks are placed there by area witches. If they are lying straight up against the rock, it is safe to pass along the roadway. If the pattern varies, or they are slightly turned to the left or right, you may want to rethink the route you are taking. It isn’t safe to go any further. And certainly don’t move them. If you do that, bad luck will soon follow.


Witch Rock, Lancaster Ohio


Clearcreek Metro Park
Rockbridge, OH 43149

Ghosts at the Mathias Cabin at Clear Creek Metro Park keep the lights on just to let you know they are home. Faces have been seen peering from the windows all hours of the day and night.


Haunted Cabin Lancaster, Ohio


Hermit of Becks Knob
Lancaster, OH 43130

A bible-reading hermit lived in the area that is now a huge rocky hill at a nature preserve. Each day, he traversed the hillside and returned at dusk to read his bible by the lantern light. He died one winter, but his spirit returns and walks the same trail he tread for many  years. His light has been seen among the trees and on the hilltop.


Beck's Knob Ghosts near Lancaster, Ohio


Old Boys Industrial School (BIS) Now-Southeastern
Correctional Institute
Lancaster, OH 43130

The property is now owned by the State of Ohio and is part of a correctional facility. Due to security reasons, it is off limits. However, BIS Road goes straight through the property and grounds. Strange bangs, booms, and wails were once heard inside the old mansion on the Old Boys Industrial School property. The ghost of a woman has been seen at the old home.


Boys Industrial Institute - BIS Road


Delmont Road Murder
Lancaster, OH 43130

A man traveling along the road was found dead in the late 1890s. His ghost has been seen in the same area and has been known to try to flag down cars.


Delmont Road Ghost