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The Eyes of Charles Breuer
Cincinnati, Ohio

(Follow the main street entrance roadway, which is the road with the lines, past two shelter houses. Right after the second shelter house, the road Y's where Mister Breuer's monument is located.)




Dexter Chapel Mausoleum Spring  Grove Cemetery:
Cincinnati, Ohio

Go down the main street, turn left at first shelter house. This private family mausoleum was built in 1869. It became the final resting place for 20 of the heirs of Edmund Dexter, a  Cincinnati liquor distributor. Inside are 12 marble catacombs. Outside, however, is a ghostly legend: if you sit on the steps, two ghostly white dogs will run past you. They may, too, stop and stare into your eyes. Or, they may growl.


Dexter Mausoleum - Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati


Cincinnati Music Hall
Cincinnati, OH

Built in 1878 as the city's convention center. It is now best known as the home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Ballet. The south part of Music Hall was built over an old Potters Field, where many graves were never marked. There is also a section built over an early orphan asylum. The discovery of bodies while digging an elevator shaft in 1988 has led many to believe the hauntings to be of those buried in the old cemetery. Workers have been touched, seen full body apparitions and have heard voices.


Music Hall - cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati's Eden Park - Spring House Gazebo
Cincinnati, OH 45202 ‎

George Remus was a lawyer and bootlegger in the 1920s. George divorced his first wife to marry his secretary, Imogene. Imogene filed for divorce and on October 6, 1927 while taking a cab through Eden Park to get the divorce finalized, George Remus had his driver chase her down in his own car. When it went off the road, George shot Imogene in the stomach in front of the Spring House Gazebo. He was acquitted by means of insanity with a six month sentence. His dead wife's sentence, however, was much longer. Her ghost has been seen outside the Spring House Gazebo crying.


Eden Park