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Pike County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings

Pike County Map


Evergreen Union Cemetery
Waverly, OH

The Ghost of Mary Emmitt haunts the cemetery near her statue.


Evergreen Union Cemetery


Beaver Union Cemetery
Beaver, Ohio 45613
At least one dark figure haunts the well-maintained Beaver Union Cemetery. Visitors to the cemetery have felt as if someone is coming up behind them. When they turn, they catch a shadowy figure following them just before it vanishes.


Beaver Union Cemetery


Pike Lake
Bainbridge, OH 45612

An old legend tells that a woman lost her hands in a bonfire in the late 1800s where Pike Lake State Park now stands. They were tossed into an old hollowed stump before she died. If you walk the path, you might see hands coming out to grab at your feet from within the dark brush.


Pike Lake State Park Ghost