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Licking County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings


Licking County Map


Cedar Hill Cemetery - Baker Mausoleum
Newark, OH 43055

A dark, rusted door brings a halt to anyone wanting to steal inside. Still, you can knock on it gently and push your ear up against the gritty metal. It is said if you do, screams have been heard from within the stone walls.


Baker Mausoleum - Licking County - Cedar Hill Cemetery


Cedar Hill Cemetery Baby Face Grave
Newark, OH 43055


A grave with a baby is near the Baker Mausoleum. If you stare at the baby's face while counting to sixty, then turn your head away and look at it again,
the baby's head will turn just slightly too! 



Buxton Inn
Granville, OH 43023

 Bonnie Bounell, a former owner, now called 'The Lady in Blue', appears in a blue dress in Room 9 where she passed away.