Wayne County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings

Rogues Hollow

Wayne County


Chidester Mill
Rogues Hollow

117514 Galehouse Road
Doylestown, Ohio 44230
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The ghost of a young man haunted the woolen, sawmill and dye House building once located where the museum now stands. He fell into a wheel and was crushed to death. He was seen in spirited form returning during the evening hours to finish the work he was never able to complete in life.


Chidester Mill - Rogues Hollow


Fraze and Clinton Roads and Vicinity

Rogues Hollow
Back in the 1800s, it was a mining town. Now fields and subdivisions cover the area around Rogues Hollow where men once eked out a meager living mining. The ghosts of miners who worked in more than five mines around Rogues Hollow have been seen along the roadways there.


Old Mining Town


The Ghost of the Headless Horse at the Ghost Oak Tree in Rogues Hollow

There was once an old Oak Tree along Clinton Road with limbs hanging down to the dirt path. One night, a horse was galloping along the roadway and did not see the limb. His head was cut clean from the body. His ghost beneath the tree was seen many times by those traveling to Doylestown. Once, a story was told that young men saw the devil, himself, with red eyes seated upon the horse.


Ghost Oak Tree - Rogues Hollow


Twin Ghosts
Rogues Hollow

A pair of matching ghosts were seen along Clinton Road gliding above the ground.


Twin Ghosts


Crybaby Bridge
Rogues Hollow
Near the mill and spanning Silver Creek is Wayne County's notorious Crybaby Bridge. The story goes that a young woman was spurned by her sweetheart when he found out she was pregnant. When the child was born, she tossed it into the cold waters. If you stand on the bridge, you can hear the child's wails. And you might even see the
mournful mama. She stands along the edge, staring into the water, forever lamenting her awful feat.


Crybaby Bridge - Rogues Hollow


River Styx Trestle
256-262 E Ohio Avenue
Rittman, Ohio 44270
The Erie west-bound passenger train No. 5 jumped the track and rolled at a small overpass called the River Styx Trestle on  March 22, 1899 near Rittman, Ohio. The Engineer was killed at the wreck. During the years after the wreck, many reputable people heard the sound of a ghostly  train crashing in the vicinity.



River Styx
citations: Rogues Hollow History and Legends
by Russell Frey


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