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Adams County, Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings -


Adams County Map


The Precinct Office Center (Old Jail and Courthouse)

West Union, OH 45693

Prisoners as early as 1896 reported seeing a white robed figure working its way down the corridor of this old building, once a jail and courthouse.



Serpent Mound
Peebles, OH 45660

Prehistoric effigy mound is said to be haunted by those who built it. Shadows have been seen around the hillsides and an energy felt just above the walkways.


Serpent Mound


Mt. Unger Cemetery

Otway, OH 45657


Some say the Mt Unger Cemetery is haunted by a man who hung himself there after murdering his wife.  


Mt Unger Haunted Cemetery


Winchester Cemetery

Winchester, OH 45697

Real tears flow from this angel statue at Winchester Cemetery. 


Winchester Cemetery


The Counterfeit House
Gift Ridge
Manchester, Ohio
No longer there-Demolished‎

The Counterfeit House was built in 1850 for the purpose of counterfeiting 50 cent pieces and $500 bills by Oliver E. Tompkins. The ghost of the counterfeiter was said to haunt the home when it was there. Perhaps he still haunts the land.


Counterfeit House - Adams County, Ohio Haunting