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Guernsey County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings


Guernsey County, Ohio Ghosts


Headless Man of Londonderry

Freeport, Ohio 43973

In the 1800s and along State Route 22 (once Old Carpenter's Trail and a major route for farmers selling their goods across the US), a horse was found without its rider and the saddlebags full of money were cut and missing. After the occurrence, a headless horseman was seen riding along the roadway and folks who passed would have dreams of pots of gold.



Colonel Taylor Inn
Cambridge, Ohio 43725

Colonel Taylor haunts
the building where he spent much of his life. The
scent of his pipe trickles along the stairway and his footsteps creak and groan once in a while in his old bedroom. Also an eight year-old boy is said to play mischievous tricks on the owner.



Quaker City Bridge on 513
Quaker City, Ohio 43773

A ghostly carriage follows foot
travelers along Pike Street/ Batesville Road. A stop on the bridge just within town gets a tap on the shoulder. But fear not, if you can cross to the other side, the carriage will not follow.



Old Washington Cemetery and Old Washington
Lore City, Ohio 43755

There is a ghost that follows a path from Old Washington to the cemetery. An elderly man with a ghostly lantern in tow is said to start in the city center near the Presbyterian Church and work his way along the streets, ending in the cemetery.