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Franklin County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings

Franklin County Map Ohio


Little Pennsylvania Cemetery

Groveport Road, Grove City
Columbus, OH 43123

Some have seen a Bigfoot-like creature called a Woolly Booger lurking beneath the shadows of the trees near Little Pennsylvania Cemetery and Big Darby Creek near Darbydale. Others have been told a man butchered his family before killing himself, only to return from the grave as a boogeyman. . .


Ohio Pen Columbus Ohio




The Kelton House Museum
Columbus, OH 43215

Ghostly apparitions of soldiers and workers have been seen inside and around the back of Kelton House.



Cultural Arts Center
Columbus, OH 43215

The Cultural Arts Center was built where Ohio's first penitentiary was located from 1812 to 1834. Just around the corner and down the street was the gallows. The ghosts of two hanged there haunt the building.



Greenlawn Cemetery
Columbus, OH 43223

If you knock on the Hayden Mausoleum door at Greenlawn Cemetery, you will hear someone. . . or something knock in return.



Ohio Theatre
Columbus, OH 43215

Built on land that was once the city building. Ghostly pranks and flickering lights have long plagued this beautiful building.



Fort Hayes
Columbus, OH 43215

Once the Columbus Arsenal, this property was a recruiting and training post for many soldiers from the Civil War through the Vietnam War. Now called Fort Hayes, it  is haunted by the ghost of soldiers who came to the camp including one killed in front of this building by the explosion of a cannon.



Elevator Brewery
Columbus, OH 43215

The Elevator Brewery is haunted by the ghost of a man who was killed by an angry lover in the winter. Footsteps can be seen in the snow.



Central Ohio Fire Museum
Columbus, OH 43215

Old firehouse horses once kept there to pull the fire engines can be heard whinnying in Engine House 16.



Franklin University Offices
Franklin University
Columbus, OH 43215

The ghost of an office worker plays pranks on those working there.



Columbus State Community College
Columbus, Oh 43215

Columbus State was built over the old Catholic Cemetery. Ghosts of those who were buried there and not moved haunt the area.



Glen Echo Park
Columbus, OH 43202

Glen Echo Park is haunted by the ghosts of a girl killed in the park and a man who committed suicide.



Walnut Grove Cemetery
Worthington, OH 43085

Walnut Grove Cemetery is haunted by ghosts who form as mists around the cemetery.



Old State Penitentiary
Columbus, OH 43215

The Ohio State Penitentiary sat on what is now the Arena District - the entertainment region of downtown Columbus, Ohio from 1834 until it was demolished in 1994. Ghosts of the Old Ohio State Penitentiary walk the streets now instead of the floors of the prison.


Ohio Pen Columbus Ohio