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Franklin County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings- Wooly Booger Cemetery


Little Pennsylvania Cemetery

Groveport Road, Grove City
Columbus, OH 43123

Some have seen a Bigfoot-like creature called a Woolly Booger lurking beneath the shadows of the trees near Little Pennsylvania Cemetery and Big Darby Creek near Darbydale. Others have been told a man butchered his family before killing himself, only to return from the grave as a boogeyman. Several called this revenant Wooly Booger or Wooly Burger, and he tries to hurt anyone entering his family plot. There might have been a boogeyman nearby. In 1957, the half-clothed corpse of a young woman was found on a lover’s lane road by Big Darby Creek near Darbydale by four teens heading out to fly fish. The murderer had wrapped a bedspread around the body before stuffing it into a raggedy feed sack and dumping it. Police had a tough time finding out who murdered the girl, and many-a-parent probably warned their children from Columbus, past Darbydale, and beyond that they better be in by dark because there was a boogeyman on the loose near Darbydale. They were right. And perhaps he still is.


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