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Meigs County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings


Meigs County Ohio Map


Buffington Island Civil War Battle Site - John Morgan
Portland, OH 45770

On July 19, 1863 While trying to cross the rising waters of the Ohio River near a ford called Buffington Island after a Civil War raid into Ohio, Confederate Calvary leader John Morgan and over 2400 of his men were attacked on a flood plain just outside of Portland. An estimated 52-120 Confederate soldiers and 25 Union soldiers were killed on the battlefield. There have been sightings of soldiers seen atop horses and tiny dancing lights in the four acres of battlefield operated by the Ohio Historical Society.


Buffington Island Civil War Battle Site - John Morgan


A figure in a brown dress has been seen walking among the graves and shadows dart and weave their way along the wooded hilltop.


Beech Grove Cemetery - Pomeroy, Ohio


Letart Falls Cemetery
Racine, OH 45771

 A baby's sobs have been heard and tiny lights have been seen bobbing outside the gates at night.


Letart Falls Cemetery - Racine, Ohio


Veterans Memorial Hospital
Pomeroy, OH 45769

From 1962 to 2001, the building was the Veterans Memorial Hospital. Now it is used for storage. A little girl has been seen peering through the windows of the Veterans Memorial Hospital. Lights go on and off.


Veterans Memorial Hospital - Pomeroy, Ohio


Sliding Hill
Hartford City, West Virginia

Sliding Hill (you can see it from Syracuse in Meigs County or drive along it across the river) is haunted by a murduring thief who still searches for the treasure he buried.


Ghost of  Sliding Hill