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Vinton County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings



Near Zaleski, Ohio

The ghost of an engineer, a brakeman, a woman hit by a train and a bully haunt the tunnel.


Moonville Tunnel  - Zaleski Ohio


Lake Hope State Park
Zaleski, OH 45698  

The ghost of a night watchman haunts the furnace.


Lake Hope State Park  - Ohio Ghost Hunting


Ingham Station
Moonville Rail Trail

New Marshfield, OH 45766

Voices have been heard along the valley and trails of this long-gone mining town between Moonville Tunnel and Kings Station Tunnel.



Macedonia Church

McArthur, OH 45651 

The Devil went down to Vinton County, he was looking for a soul to steal. . . At least that is what was printed in The Hocking Sentinel., February 11, 1886 about the Macedonia Church Revival. The devil showed up at a church meeting.


Macedonia Church - Vinton County, Ohio


Axtel Ridge

Vinton Experimental Station

McArthur, OH 45651 

There is an old road in Vinton Experimental Station leading to what used to be a community of homes near Axtel Ridge above the busy coal, iron furnace, and brick-making community of Oreton, now a ghost town. The road eventually fades away to grassland and a pine forest. It would seem nothing is here or ever was there. But there was and still is . . .where a murder occurred, there is a ghost. In an old haunted well on Axtel Ridge.



The old haunted well on Axtel Ridge