Vinton County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Ingham Station


Ingham Station
Moonville Rail Trail New Marshfield, OH 45766
39.32512, -82.29550 (parking area)
39.311598,-82.300829 town location
Voices have been heard along the valley and trails of this long-gone mining town between Moonville Tunnel and Kings Station Tunnel.


Ingham Station Well
Old brick well

Ingham Station
39.32512, -82.29550 (parking area)
39.311598,-82.300829 town location

Is it haunted? Only time will tell. So remote is this old ghost town, few have explored its spirited side.  However, voices have been heard along the valley and trails of this long-gone mining town between Moonville Tunnel and Kings Station Tunnel. Little more than foundations, a well and old mines are left to show a village with a grocery store, station, school and homes once thrived here in the late 1800s. The mines employed 10 - 14 employees.

It is about 7 miles, the round trip hike. It is up and down steep, root-ridden, rugged trails. Pack light, take a cell phone.


Backpackers camp at beginning of trail.
The EVP below was taken at a small recess cave just before the town. You can hear us hiking through the leaves as we pass. The entire yowl/growl is what you'll hear . . .or what I can only describe as someone getting a good stretch out with  a yawn.

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Parking pull off right before the old service road leading to the backpack trail going to Ingham. This is King Hollow Road, the trail is behind the jeep to the right.


Old telephone lines running through Ingham.


The old school house foundation.

Old Railroad Trestle over Raccoon Creek.


Trail leading to Ingham is rugged and crosses many hills. It is a good 7 mile round-trip hike. Hikers cannot hike there after dark.
This EVP was taken near the town: It sounds like - "Did she love you?" then you will hear us talking again.

Listen to an EVP Although it would be easier to walk the trails from Moonville or Mineral to Ingham, Raccoon Creek crosses the trail several times and is too deep to traverse on foot most of the year.
Another strange EVP
Listen to an EVP

Directions: If you are coming from the parking lot at the furnace at Lake Hope (furnace side), make a left out of the parking lot on toe State Route 278. The first road on the right (.5 miles) is King Hollow (It is gravel) - turn right there and follow it back about 2.4 miles to where King Hollow turns into Rock Camp Road (On the left, you will see a brown wooden sign stating: Leaving Zaleski-Waterloo Wild Turkey Management Area, Ohio Department of Natural Resources. On the right is the sign that shows Rock Camp Road begins here.)
There is a pulloff on the right. Don't block the Forestry Road with the gate.

This is the beginning of the trail (old service road) that leads to the Zaleski backpack trail camp at the top. Make sure you don't block this road. Follow this through the backpack camp to the other side. (Don't turn right down the backpack trail on the right). Go straight through the camp.
Follow the  Main trail - follow orange blazes on trees. You know you're going the right way when you see the numbered plastic posts with 6 and then 5 (a ceremonial mound). You can get a Zaleski backpack trail map at the kiosk across from the Hope Furnace parking lot or load it online here: