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Haunted New Orleans


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Bourbon Orleans

717 Orleans Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 523-2222

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel is a beautiful luxury hotel . . .and of course, it's haunted. There are three ghosts that haunt the building -  A Civil War Soldier on the sixth floor, a nun in room 644 and a woman who once visited the ballroom.

But better yet, it is within close walking distance of three of the more haunted cemeteries - St. Louis 1 2 and 3 - and more than a handful of haunted buildings. More Here on the Haunted Hotel and our investigation


Place D'Armes
625 St Ann Street
New Orleans, LA 70116


In the heart of the French Quarter, Place D'Armes Hotel is located in what was also the heart of New Orleans in the 1700 and 1800s. The building was originally the first school in New Orleans, built in 1725. During 1788, a fire broke out in the city and the building was nearly destroyed. The headmaster and students perished in the fire. Now, some believe it is the spirits of the headmaster and the students who died in the fire who haunt the hotel. Footsteps have been heard and full-bodied apparitions have been see.


Lalaurie House
1140 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA
Lalaurie House on Royal Street is now a complex of private apartments – Its beauty belies the atrocities that went on inside in the early to mid-1800s when the cruel Marie Delphine Lalaurie owned the mansion. Although she lavished her family and guests with only the best money could provide, it was not the same for her slaves. Many were thought to disappear, murdered by the woman’s cruel hand. In 1836, a cook who was chained to the oven tried to commit suicide and caught the house on fire. The locals found seven slaves mutilated, hanging and barely alive within Marie Lalaurie home. Lalaurie fled the US when charges were made. Almost immediately, claims of ghosts circulated around the city. The ghost of a man in chains had been seen there. Groans and screams could be heard. Some had even complained they see the ghost of Madam Lalaurie bringing down her whip at them. The pic here shows a lot of security. They filmed a mayonnaise commercial there and blocked off the street.


Prince Conti Hotel

830 Conti St  

New Orleans, LA 70112

(504) 529-4172

Prince Conti  Hotel, in the French Quarter, boasts it is comforting and accommodating to guests. It must be. There’s a ghost that doesn’t want  to leave. Like all New Orleans buildings, it has a long history of visitors. It is haunted by a woman who has been seen in the bar area.


Pirates Alley has a ghost that walks the bricked path. Supposedly, you don’t have to be drunk to see it.


Hotel Provincial
1024 Chartres St
New Orleans, LA 70116

A former military hospital was built on the grounds in 1722.  After the hospital and in 1834, there were houses there up until they burned down in  1874. It is supposedly building 5 that is haunted and a soldier walks the grounds, opening and closing doors and causing a bit of a ruckus. 


Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter

541 Bourbon St  (Corner Bourbon St & Toulouse St )

New Orleans, LA 70130 ‎


Phone: 504-524-7611 · Hotel Reservations: 866-716-8133


The Four Points Hotel rests on the on the site of the French Opera House, which served as the social and cultural hub of New Orleans Creole Society. In use from 1859 until it burned down in 1919, the opera house was said to be the very first opera house in the US. It sits on the corner of Bourbon Street and Toulouse. The ghastly ghost (white hair which trails behind her and a horrid face with blood-red eyes) of an aging Storyville Madam who was shunned by a young lover is said to haunt the streets where the building stood and all the way to Dumaine to Royal.


The Alley where Catholic Priest Pere Antoine is said to walk still tending the sick.

The cathedral where the Ghost of Pere Dagobert, Capuchin monk, still calls out the Kyrie.


Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis King of France
 615 Pere Antoine Alley
New Orleans, LA 70116-3291

Phone:  504.525.9585
Fax:      504.525.9583

There are more than a few ghosts haunting St. Louis Cathedral. Not surprising as the number of people who have come to this beautiful church to worship. In fact, since 1727 New Orleanians have worshipped on the site. It is still open for regular mass which is held daily and attended by both vacationers and locals. The cathedral is the third church built on the site - two fires demolished the first two buildings, one in 1722 and a second huge fire that wiped out many other homes and business ins 1788 called the Good Friday Fire.  It was rebuilt in 1794.

The Ghost of Catholic Priest Pere Antoine (1748 - 1829) is said to walk the alleyway beside the Cathedral dressed in his Capuchin friar garb and sandals. He was said to walk many times along this route tending to the sick in the community regardless of their religious affiliation.

 The Ghost of Pere Dagobert,  a Capuchin monk, protector of the poor and pastor of St. Louis Church in 1745 haunts the cathedral. His voice has been heard before the high altar when the church is closed for the night.

The Bell Tower Ghost is said to be haunted by two ghosts, none other than Englishman Benjamin Henry Latrobe who was commissioned to design the tower and New Orleans clockmaker named Jean Delachaux who put in the clock. Strange happenings like odd sounds and sightings have occurred since the tower was built in 1820 when Latrobe died of yellow fever. Delachaux died many years later, but he has been seen checking the timing of the clock.


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