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Summit County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings


Summit County Map


Haunted by a man murdered during the canal years, beheaded by thieves.


Deep Lock Quarry Park

The lock.




Mater Dolorosa Cemetery
Peninsula Ohio 44264

21 year-old Thomas Coady was was killed when returning home from the Civil War when the Steamship Sultana, in which he was a passenger, exploded near Memphis, Tennessee.  His family buried him at Mater Dolorosa Cemetery and his ghost has been seen wandering the graves and peering out from behind them.


Mater Dolorosa Cemetery - Cuyahoga National Park


Deep Lock Quarry Park, the canal and train tracks located within Cuyahoga Valley National Park are haunted by the men who were killed while working in the quarry and along the railroad.


Deep Lock Quarry Park