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Vinton County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Moonville Tunnel


Moonville Tunnel
Zaleski, OH 45766

Moonville's oldest haunting is by an engineer who was killed when the dispatch failed to warn him of an oncoming train and the two collided. His ghost was seen during the late 1800s and still is happed upon today. Railmen hated taking the route near the tunnel as a robed figure with a lantern would float along the ridge and in front of oncoming trains, knowing it was the ghost of the engineer!

Lavender Lady leaves a scent of lavender at the far end of the tunnel, believed to be Mary Shay, who was accidentally killed by a train when she was walking the tracks.

A drunk brakeman who fell asleep along the rails also haunts the tracks.

For more information: Moonville Tunnel

While I was providing a ghost hunt, a couple of visitors on the night hike were using tools as I recorded. A shadowy figure clearly walks between us wearing the long suit of a train conductor. We thought it might be the long-dead engineer.


Moonville Tunnel  - Zaleski Ohio

Moonville Tunnel  - Zaleski Ohio

Moonville Tunnel  - Zaleski Ohio

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