Hamilton County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Ghosts of Cincinnati - Eden Park and Gazebo

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Cincinnati's Eden Park -
Spring House Gazebo
1501-1557 Eden Park Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45202 ‎
George Remus was a lawyer and bootlegger in the 1920s. George divorced his first wife to marry his secretary, Imogene. Imogene filed for divorce and on October 6, 1927 while taking a cab through Eden Park to get the divorce finalized, George Remus had his driver chase her down in his own car. When it went off the road, George shot Imogene in the stomach in front of the Spring House Gazebo. He was acquitted by means of insanity with a six month sentence. His dead wife's sentence, however, was much longer. Her ghost has been seen outside the Spring House Gazebo crying.


Eden Park and Gazebo

Spring House Gazebo


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