Fairfield County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Hermit of Beck's Knob

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Hermit of Becks Knob
Shallenberger Nature Preserve
Becks Knob Road
Lancaster, OH 43130
39.69292244, -82.6552963257

A bible-reading hermit lived in the area that is now a huge rocky hill at a nature preserve. Each day, he traversed the hillside and returned at dusk to read his bible by the lantern light. He died one winter, but his spirit returns and walks the same trail he tread for many  years. His light has been seen among the trees and on the hilltop. His apparition is seen on the roadway between the two high hills - Beck's Knob and Allen's Knob right around the creek area.


Beck's Knob Ghosts near Lancaster, Ohio

Becks Knob Road

The road where the old hermit would be seen.


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