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Portsmouth Brewing Company
224 Second Street
Portsmouth, Ohio

Great place to get a beer, a pizza and maybe see a ghost . . .
We were out the other day in downtown Portsmouth following the steps of a ghost that once walked the streets of the city when we came upon one of our favorite “grab a beer and a pizza” haunts, the Portsmouth Brewing Company on Second Street. Over a house-made, craft brew called the Honey Nut Brown Ale, offhandedly, Pat asked the server if anyone had ever seen any ghosts in the building. Why we had never asked before, I don’t know. We knew it was old, even if it has been rejuvenated into a class-act hand-craft brewery by the current owners, the Maults. In fact, the brewery is the oldest in Ohio and dates back to 1842-43. It’s had some up and downs like belly-kicks from the Anti-Saloon League in the early 1900s, The Great Flood in 1913, and then Prohibition in 1919. The tunnel once existing between the river and the building is even thought to have been a part of the Underground Railroad.

But a lot of people passed through its doors and along the old alley that is enclosed in the center of the building now. Such . . . we shouldn’t have been surprised to find out from Will Mault and one of the brewmaster assistants, Nathan Marshall, that the building harbors a few spirited, but nonthreatening, remnants of its past. A ghostly figure in a late-1800s fedora has been seen as a misty figure walking along the old bricks of the alleyway between the brewery and the restaurant. The jukebox that was once in the building would play only certain words in a song as if something was trying to communicate with customers. And there is a certain feeling you aren’t alone when within the walls of the building’s basement with its arches and bricked-in doorway once leading to the Scioto River.
So we were pleasantly surprised to find out that one of our favorite haunts was really haunted. And we’re passing that off to you. You may want to stop by there sometime and grab one of their homemade pizzas (they have half-price pizza specials made with their own special sauce) and hand-crafted beers (or a soda if you prefer). It makes for a great meal and maybe, while you’re there, you might see a ghost!


Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth Ohio

Portsmouth Brewery

Brewmaster Assistant, Nathan Marshall

Portsmouth Brewery

Will Mault tells Pat about some of the unique history of the Portsmouth Brewery in the cellar being renovated.


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