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Scioto County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - White Lady Point


White Lady Point
Portsmouth, OH 45663

The Legend of White Lady Point, Alexandria Point Park-Portsmouth


The Kanawha Gal, a paddle wheeler along the Ohio River, was forced to dock on the Kentucky side of the river near Portsmouth one night in the 1800s during a heavy fog. As the boat settled in, a woman standing with a child on a high hilltop on the Ohio side of the river in a white dress caught the crew’s attention. She was screaming hysterically and waving her arms frantically.


They could do little in the heavy fog, so the men waited until morning when it slowly parted along the Ohio, haunted all night by shrill cries. When the fog finally lifted, they made their way to the far side of the river and came upon a most unpleasant discovery—a cabin deep in the woods with droplets of blood running from the front door and within, the drag marks of a body leading to a back room. Upon the front door was a bloody handprint, huge in size, larger than any the men could imagine. Yet within, they found nothing more. The crew searched the area. Before long, they came upon a hunter. The shaken man had happed upon the mangled body of a murdered woman in the woods.


They later discovered her name was Mary Fisk, and she had been alone in the cabin with her six-year-old son while her husband was hunting. Sometime during the previous night, a huge and hulking man had entered the home and murdered poor Mary. Search parties never found her son.
Not long after the discovery, passengers and crews on boats floating down the Ohio River and at the mouth of the Scioto River would hear shrill cries from a high cliff that was once a part of an early settlement, the village of Alexandria. Then, they saw a lady in white with mouth gaping wide and arms extended pleading for help when they looked above. Yet, when boat captains sent rescue parties to find her, they came upon nothing but the skeletal remains of an old cabin in the woods with nobody around.
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White Lady Point - Portsmouth, OHio