Clermont County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Utopia

Clermont County Ohio


3833 Main Street (US 52)
Georgetown, Ohio 45121
Church: 38.776009,-84.056359
Marker: 38.77621,-84.056518

During the construction of a building , 32 people in the spiritualist society of John Wattles gathered for a party within on the rainy eve of December 13, 1847. As a dance pursued, the Ohio River flooded its banks, surrounding the building and causing the walls to collapse. Seventeen of the followers of Wattle were drowned or were swept into the frigid flood waters and succumbed to hyperthermia. Their ghosts are said to rise in smoky spirals  near the place of their death. Some see them as wavering mists, while others have seen dancing lights and full-bodied apparitions dripping along the banks



Utopia Church

The remains of a Utopia building.


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