Vinton County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Investigations

Moonville Investigation

Moonville Tunnel is located in Southeastern Ohio, deep in the Appalachian hills. It was once a mining town in the mid-1800s with about 100 families living in and around the tunnel. More than 25 people have died near the tunnel, mainly due to trains. The most notorious ghost is that of an engineer whose ghost has been seen for over a 100 years.


EVP of child's voice saying: Billy Coe - William Coe was one of the founding families of Moonville's coal mining years. He died at the depot of a heart attack while holding a child in 1899. He was in his mid-fifties. 

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A whisper of a child saying: Jake There was at least one person by the name of Jake in the group near the tunnel at the time.

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Moonville Tunnel Ghost Hunt




Here is some of the evidence we pulled from the Haunted Hocking - Moonville Tunnel program- Haunted Place in Ohio. Some instances can be explained. . . for example, note the "orb" in the picture below:

Upon closer scrutiny, the photographer realized it was a spider web caught in the flash of the camera.





But, of course, other things cannot be explained. And that's where the fun begins. Whether you are skeptical or not, take a moment to explore the unknown of the natural world of the Hocking Hills- a place where some folks believe that the natural and the supernatural world collide!

On the Tuesday prior to the Haunted Hocking program, the Haunted Hocking Investigation Team made a preliminary visit to Moonville Tunnel. We came across several unexplained events including physical evidence:

1) At mouth of Moonville Tunnel, several of the team members were gently pelted with small pebbles (it felt almost like raindrops but with pebbles) continuously. We thought at first that it was another team member playing a joke or perhaps a small animal dislodging stones. However, after checking the area, we found no evidence of animals or persons. All members were accounted for.

2) Several pieces of equipment batteries were drained only moments after turning them on. (two digital cameras with fresh batteries and two camcorder batteries (members were able to watch one drain).

3) Twice, the EMF detector spiked briefly. Positive EMF readings are said to occur where there is high electromagnetic fields like powerlines, appliances, a wall outlet and any type of electronics. . .and also paranormal activity.

4) Most of the team members were able to catch the scent of lavender and one caught the scent of cherry pipesmoke.

5) An unexplained light showed up in one of the pictures, appearing like a vortices-Vortices are thought to indicate paranormal activity. They tend to show up in areas with higher paranormal activity, but are also a form of energy occurring naturally in the air. They can also be explained as the strap of a camera flitting or clothing across the lens.

The Program: 

It was one foggy night when the team took approximately 150 visitors to Moonville Tunnel. Three separate groups made their way to the tunnel, not realizing they were actually inside the tunnel until they shined their flashlights upward.

While inside the tunnel, the group witnessed multiple spikes of the EMF detector and a large reactions (complete turns) of the dousing rods in the same location.

Several times, the compass needles were spinning in people's hands

Dousing Rods had spun in several people's hands continuously in the same location.




2012 Investigation:

The tunnel was filled with nearly 150 people! Several heard whispers near the far end of the tunnel. However, we could find no conclusive evidence to back it up.

Regardless, a fun time is had by all!