Highland County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Fallsville Ghost

Fallsville Wildlife Area
Fallsville Lane
New Vienna, Ohio 45159


Legends tell that each year on Christmas Eve, the ghost of a Native Indian would show up on the front porch of the Clouser family home and try desperately to communicate with them. It was thought the  the ghost was that of a Native Indian who had been murdered on the lush mixture of woods and field near Fallsville long before the little town came into existence. It was rumored he had been followed by thieves, but before he was killed, he buried his treasures somewhere near where the town of Fallsville would later stand. The Clousers came to believe the Shawnee was trying to tell them where his treasure was buried. Yet, they could never figure out from his hand signals what he was saying.  Legends say, he still returns. . .

This is a beautiful area to hike along Division of Wildlife property. You can see the old house foundation, an old quarry and the waterfalls where the mill once thrived. A couple things to note: it is used during hunting season and rules/regulations for Division of Wildlife do apply while visiting the area.


Mill Street (Fallsville Lane) Fallsville, Ohio

Fallsville, Ohio - Waterfalls at Old Mill

Fallsville House

Fallsville Church (Auburn Methodist) and Clouser Plot