Wood County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings

Holcomb Woods


Holcomb Woods Bus Wreck

Holcomb Rd
Pemberville, OH 43450
41.340719, -83.482876

Outside Bowling Green, there is a legend about a bus driver whose anger led him to drive his bus into the woods on Holcomb Road, killing the children on board. Their ghosts can be seen on the road between the wood lots. (private property on either side of road)

Haunted Toledo recalls what people have seen: "Eyewitnesses say if you park your car in a certain spot and turn your headlights off, you will see a phantom spook light - some say it's a headlight - floating in the middle of the road off in the distance. Others report bizarre car troubles, such as car radios that change stations by themselves, their car stalling, or trouble starting the car. The ghosts of dead school kids, though, aren't the only supernatural inhabitants of Holcomb Woods. A separate legend about the woods tells of a particularly aggressive spirit which is said to frighten and chase people who should venture too deeply into the woods." But they also agree that there was once an abandoned school bus on the property which probably led to the tale. It is gone along with some of the woods; bought up for new homes. Still, people go there to see the place where a legend was born, whether real or. . .