Ross County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings - Adena Mansion and Gardens



Adena Mansion and Gardens
847 Adena Road
Chillicothe, OH 45601
The family who once lived on the property haunts the old mansion.


Adena Mansion - Ross County Ohio Hauntings and Ghosts

Thomas Worthington and his wife, Eleanor, raised a family of ten children here at this  estate in Chillicothe, Ohio. It was originally built between 1806 and 1807. Once a sprawling 2000 acres, it is now 300 acres of gardens, meadows and walkways run by the Ohio Historical Society.  The mansion has been restored to its original appearance.  

Of less than meager means as an adult, Thomas Worthington became the sixth governor of Ohio. He must have loved his estate. He has been seen inside the building and walking the grounds. There have also been reports of children playing on the lawn. But is there a darker side to this mansion? Perhaps. And only if you are visiting the well-kept interior and happen to find yourself peering into places the Worthingtons would rather keep to themselves. . . like this couple did!

Here's what they wrote:

Bob and I visited the Adena Mansion, Chillicothe, Ohio, July 2011 for a tour. We were in the museum section where the children's artifacts were displayed. Bob was looking in the green cabinet at 2 of the former clothing artifacts from the family. I just got done saying that the oldest daughter was "the homeliest woman that I have ever seen". Bob tried to shut the door on the cabinet but it was one of the hottest day of the summer and the wood was swollen on the doors and the door would not shut (you can hear it on the video at the beginning as we never were able to shut the door). Bob shut the door the best that he could and we continued to look at the artifacts when we heard the door automatically shut as we were walking away. Of course we went back to check and we opened it again and checked it for magnets, or any triggers that may close the door but couldn't find anything. It tried this 3 more times (I only shot 1 video). We showed the video to the woman taking the money for the museum at the front door and she s never heard of anything happening in that area however strange things happen all the time on the property. The video is not that good as we were new to ghost hunting and the angle is not the best. However, you can see the light and hear the door closing. We also were only there for a vacation day and didn't even think we would be ghost hunting! We called it the "Ghost of William" as he was the only child that had very little artifacts in the room. Of course it could have been any of Thomas Worthington's kids.

Bob and Rhonda Bellard