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Sandusky County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings -The Elmore Rider


Fought Road Elmore Rider
Sandusky, OH 44870

There is a ghost light about 30 miles from Toledo near Lindsey and Oak Harbor. The earliest legends told of an old man who killed himself and haunted the house nearby where he died. Everyone knew the ghost was him; he had threatened to haunt the place beforehand. And so he did.
A later story explains the lights with a twist of unrequited love; a young couple vowed to be true to each other just as World War I began. The young man was sent off to war and fought overseas. The two wrote back and forth for a year, long letters of love and heartache, and missing each other, then the letters from the man stopped. Heartbroken, the young woman was sure her sweetheart was dead. Still, she found another to take his place.
It would be March 21st of 1918, when the man, quite alive, returned from the war. Why he had not written his sweetheart is not told. But to surprise the young woman as he neared her home, he shut off his motorcycle along the roadway the evening of his return, snuck to her window, and peered inside. He was stunned that the woman he thought pledged her life to him was with another man. Distraught, the young man sped off on his motorcycle down the road, not heeding his speed or ruts in the old farm lane. Suddenly, the bike hitched, and he tumbled off near a small bridge over Muddy Creek and was decapitated by barbed fence wire running along the fields. Now, legends tell that on March 21st each year, the Elmore Rider returns. People see mysterious lights along Fought Road where it crosses Muddy Creek.


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