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Top Haunted Ohio Places from Haunted Ohio Ghost Stories

These haunted Ohio ghost stories and legends had the highest number of visits, likes/loves, and comments on my FB page, "Ohio Ghost Stories" and they are not in any certain order. So unlike others who post their own top places they want folks to visit to promote tourism, these are chosen by true fans of the ghostly, haunted, and abandoned!




Zaleski, OH

Moonville was a small mining community with just a couple of families along the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. But the tracks through the town made it a thoroughfare for travelers where few roads passed through. The fast-moving trains and the number of people journeying through made for many deaths and ghosts. The spirits of Lavender Lady, a town bully, and an engineer were just a few who still haunt the old community and tunnel! The spirits of Lavender Lady, a town bully, and an engineer were just a few who still haunt the old community and tunnel!



Witch's Grave

West Branch State Park/Bloody Corners, Ohio


The lonely ruins of a family homestead discovered with a mysterious pile of stones and an abandoned cemetery are home to the legend of the Witch's Grave, a young woman allegedly buried alive because of her witchery. Those who once vandalized the graves came to a whole lot of bad luck.




Frankenstein's Castle

Hills and Dales MetroPark, Kettering, Ohio

Boys from the National Youth Administration built a stone structure in the early 1940s as a stone observation tower for the Community Golf course near Kettering. The turret-like building was constructed with a stone spiral staircase to an observation deck at the top. It is haunted. In June of 1967, a teen was electrocuted when finding shelter within its walls during a thunderstorm. Nowadays, some say on quiet days at the Hills and Dales MetroPark, where this stone tower is located along a trail, hikers passing by the old stone tower can hear whispers and even muffled screams.






Old Man's Cave
South Bloomingville, OH

 For over 150 years, stories have been told that people walking the trail just before dusk through a dark gorge have witnessed a ghostly trapper named Retzler, dressed in animal skin clothing, walking along the creek within or heard a baying hound when no dogs are nearby.


Old Man's Cave is Haunted


Lonesome Lock
Peninsula, Ohio
80 miles of the Ohio & Erie Canalway have been restored into a trail by Cuyahoga Valley National Park. A section passes by Lock 31, also known as Lonesome Lock. If you hike the trail, you might see the headless ghost that the boat captains saw many years ago! Sometime during the canal’s operation, a man taking the towpath was ambushed and beheaded by robbers at Lock 31. Afterward, his ghost would roam the lock area searching for his head.



Wooly-burger, Woolly Booger Cemetery


Some have seen a Bigfoot-like creature called a Woolly Booger lurking beneath the shadows of the trees near Little Pennsylvania Cemetery and Big Darby Creek near Darbydale. Others have been told a man butchered his family before killing himself, only to return from the grave as a boogeyman. Several called this revenant Wooly Booger or Wooly Burger, and he tries to hurt anyone entering his family plot. There really was a boogeyman nearby. In 1957, the half-clothed corpse of a young woman was found on a lover’s lane road by Big Darby Creek near Darbydale by four teens heading out to fly fish. Police had a tough time finding out who murdered the girl, and many-a-parent probably warned their children from Columbus, past Darbydale, and beyond that they better be in by dark because there was a boogeyman on the loose near Darbydale. They were right. And perhaps he still is.