Ghost Investigations: Ohio - Prospect Place in Trinway Ohio

Investigation Team - Prospect Place

Our investigation Team: Starting from left top - Gary,

 Remington, Patrick, Jannette, Travis and Phyllis

Prospect Place is a 19th century mansion tucked into a rural section of Muskingum County in Ohio.  It is brick and boasts 29 rooms, a dance hall, library and an observatory. It can be rented for ghost hunts and the proceeds go to restoring the home.

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Prospect Place Exterior - Built by entrepreneur, George Willison Adams. The original building built in 1853 was burned by an arsonist before the family could move in. The second, which you see, was built in 1856. It has been saved from demolition by the GW Adams Center. Proceeds from ghost hunting tours and rentals helps to restore this building.


Listen to an EVP Man calling for "Mary"

Investigation included exploring the three story mansion, cellar and observatory.

Types of Equipment Used:

    • 1 Cell Sensor EMF Meter
    • 2 Electrosensor EMF meter
    • 1 Sony EMC-F Omni directional Microphone
    • 1 LED micro light red light flashlight
    • 1 Pocket infrared non contact thermometer
    • 5 Digital Cameras
    • Dowsing Rod
    • Crystal
    • Digital Recorder
    • Geiger Counter
    • Infrared digital camera
    • Full Spectrum camera
    • Infrared Movie Camera
    • Ghost Box
    • Ovulis and recorder
    • IR Camera
    • DVR Recorder


Types of Evidence Found:

  • EMF spikes
  • Orb-like balls on pictures
  • EMF and Dousing Rods reacting
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Direct answer to questions using number of blinks on EMF
  • Answers on Ovulis
  • Voices on Digital Recorder
  • Personal experience: backs were touched, hair pulled, light pulling of hoodie.
  • Heard long guttural growls and deep breathing, footsteps, talking, felt emotional waves in cellar
  • In the observatory between 3 am and 5 am, we heard men chatting downstairs along with footsteps
  • knocking


Prospect Place Investigation
Prospect Place -  Unloading the equipment

Prospect Place Investigation
Set up of equipment - about 8:00 pm.

Setup of equipment - about 8:00 pm - We had a video tour and a large open area near the entrance for setup which included tables and chairs to use as a meeting place.

Prospect Place Investigation
Layout Investigation began about 9:00- We believe this is the room where a very happy spirit was singing 'gloria, gloria!'. You can hear Phyllis speaking and is interrupted by the slightly off-key, very loud voice.
Listen to an EVP

Prospect Place Investigation
Note the orbs collecting around Phyllis, team investigator. She had been sitting there for 8-10 minutes. Yes, the place was really dusty - the walls were brick and plaster and the floors were wood. This was one of the rooms where we heard heavy breathing - Constance died of TB.

Listen to an EVP
Travis got his name called by a young woman.

Prospect Place Investigation
Balcony overlooking back of Prospect Place.

Prospect Place Investigation
The Upper level was called the dance room. There was a strange cross on the wall behind Pat to the right. It obviously covered something a little more sinister - it was painted over some strange art. We spent several minutes communicating through an EMF meter to a spirit.
Listen to an EVP
Click here for: Growl heard in upper room.

Prospect Place Investigation
The Upper Level Dance Room -  We had a long session speaking with a spirit we believed was Constance . . . until another entity entered. This is where we heard the growl (not doves which were on the roof too) and got the most evidence.
Listen to ghostly footsteps below:

Prospect Place Investigation
The stairway where a little girl has been seen.

Prospect Place - Investigation
The basement/cellar. Pat was touched on the back here near the well. There was a sad emotional level felt here by three different team members - each mentioning it without the others knowing it.
As we leave the upstairs, a ghostly voice speaks through the ovilus.


Prospect Place Investigation

Listen to an EVP
A happy 'mama' with a southern accent

The Upper Level Dance Room
Watch us talk to a ghost with a k2 meter.

The Upper Level Dance Room  - Far wall had a cross on it -in the center, we set up cameras that ran all night.
Listen to an EVP
We asked how Mary died in her room. We got this answer: push and fell. She did die from a fall and complications of pneumonia.
Hear the evp


Prospect Place Investigation
This was what I could see.

And this was the stuff I was glad I didn't hear until I got back to the office. . .
Listen to an EVP
Are you going to leave me?
Listen to an EVP
Scary EVP that sounds like: "Witch, we need your help".

Prospect Place Investigation
Bedroom with Mister Adam's picture in it. He was an avid abolitionist in the 1850s and it was said he helped many refugees from the southern states escape to Ohio.

Prospect Place Investigation
Travis and Remington were investigating and had split off into different rooms. At some point, a loud moan was heard . . . both heard it and it showed up on tape.
Listen to an EVP
Click here to listen to the moan
Listen to an EVP
Click here to listen to someone calling out a name