Belmont County Ohio Ghosts and Hauntings -Butter Milk Road


Belmont County Map


Butter Milk Road
Twp Road 399
Flushing, OH 43977
40.078416,-81.060532 to 40.084261,-81.124681

An ancient road called Butter Milk Road runs along Butter Milk Creek where the town of Egypt Valley once stood (now in the Egypt Valley Wildlife area) and extends all the way to nearby Morristown. Somewhere along its 4 1/2 mile run between Morristown and the ghost town of Egypt, the spirit of a cemetery caretaker who froze to death in the winter haunts the remote, gritty mud and gravel road. You can see the glow of his lantern while he works his way along the road.


Butter Milk Road Ghost - Egypt Valley, Belmont County