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Haunted Ohio: Moonville Tunnel is one of Ohio's scariest places to visit!

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Ash Cave Hocking Hills State Park

Ash Cave: Hocking Hills State Park Pale Lady follows hikers in Hocking County.

Elmore Rider in Lindsey, Ohio Sandusky County

The Elmore Rider returns each year on March 21st to ride along along Fought Road where it crosses Muddy Creek and where he met his death in Sandusky County.

Dead Man Hollow in Scioto County Shawnee State Forest

Screams and cries of a long-dead peddler still haunt Dead Man Hollow in Scioto County.

Moonville Tunnel, Zaleski, Ohio

Moonville Tunnel is haunted by the engineer killed in a train wreck in 1880 in Vinton County.

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Gore Orphanage, Vermilion, Ohio

Little remains of Gore Orphanage in Lorain County but the ghosts of those children who lived there.

Wooly Booger Cemetery

There's a really scary story about Wooly Booger Cemetery in Franklin County

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Moonville Ghost Hike and Ghost Hunt

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Moonville Tunnel Hike with Dog

Come along on a hike with Jannette & Lucy to see Moonville through the eyes of the LucyCam!

Portsmouth Ohio White Lady Point

For over a hundred years, Ohio River boaters passing by Alexandria Point, an early settlement in what is now Portsmouth, have seen a ghostly woman standing atop the rise with mouth gaping wide and hear her shrill frantic screams for help. Listen to her story. Or read it in Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide, Book II


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Witch's Grave Ravenna, Ohio

Go deep into the forest and search out the witch's grave at West Branch State Park. . .

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Haunted Hocking Hills - Hocking Hills State Park Ghost Stories

Haunted Hocking Hills

Frightening bits of folklore from the Hocking Hills in Ohio including Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Moonville, and surrounding areas.

Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide by Jannette Quackenbush

Ohio Ghost Stories III

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People always ask me which place is the most haunted in Ohio because I’ve been to a couple of thousand places all over Appalachia, researching them for my books. Usually, I mumble out a few places I personally found to have paranormal activity above and beyond others. Sometimes, I visit haunted places, and I get nothing. Others, I get some personal experience. Occasionally, I get something cool to share—an EVP or image on my camera. But honestly, it isn’t typical for anyone to walk into a place once and have spirits interact with them. It is being in the right place and at the right time. It is, perhaps, a spirit with something in common with you at any moment. So my most haunted place may not be your most haunted place. Or maybe, I don’t know about that special haunted place. And if so, tell me your ghost story!